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LMG Treks & Expeditions is the International arm to Lakeland Mountain Guides (LMG). After 10 years of successful 5* business here in the UK we decided to takes things up a level. Through this sister company you can enjoy classic international treks and expeditions with a friendly and personal team. Our ethos with any trip, whether it be a day walk up England's tallest mountain or a 2 week trek in the Himalayas is to ensure each and every person has a safe and memorable experience. We believe this is achieved through open and frequent communication, detailed information, transparency and of course a professional but fun team to lead it all. We're determined to not just be yet another operator that sells trips and focuses solely on profit. We aim to operate as responsibly as we can, giving back to the communities we visit where possible, as well as aiming to operate as sustainably as possible. You can read more about this on our Responsible Tourism Policy page.

As part of the company we also have LMG Personal Training, so you can get fit with the same company you're trekking with! 

We hope you find something on our site that takes your interest and we'll be welcoming you onto one of trips soon. 

Matt Le Voi
Matt Le Voi  BA Hons ATM, F.Inst.TT
Company Director, Trek Manager & Personal Trainer
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LMG Personal Training

Matt holds a first class degree in Adventure Tourism Management, is an experienced outdoor instructor and has a real passion for trekking in the Himalaya. From scaling Scafell Pike over 500 times to trekking to the summit of Mera Peak (6,476m) and Lobuche East (6,119m) Matt has plenty of miles in his legs and lots of stories to go with them. With a keen eye to detail, an enjoyment of logistical challenges and a desire to provide quality from start to finish Matt is a great and obvious candidate for piecing together international itineraries. Matt is also a Personal Trainer and is available to help you get fit for any trek or expedition you join with us. 

Next Expeditions:

Mt Toubkal - Feb 2025

Everest Base Camp - April 2024, April 2025

Slovenia - July 2024

Manaslu (8163m) - September 2024 (Personal Expedition)

Kilimanjaro (6th) - January 2025

Manaslu Circuit - October 2025

Mera Peak - October 2026

Chris Parry - Medical Lead, Expedition Medic & Trek Manager

Chris is a man of many talents, and one who certainly loves all varieties of outdoor sports. He is an Emergency Medicine Consultant, Summer Mountain Leader, Level 2 Mountain Bike Leader and aspirant International Mountain Leader. He holds the Diploma in Medical Care of Catastrophes and the Diploma in Mountain Medicine. Chris has experience working oniconic mountains such as Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus. 

When you submit your booking form, which contains your medical information, Chris will be the man who gives it a look over. If required, Chris will be in touch for further information to provide clarity, or may even get in touch to provide some advice on how things can be optimised for you ahead of your expedition. If you wish to gain any advice from Chris on anything medical related ahead of your trip please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Felicity Turner
Felicity Turner
Trek Manager

Fliss is always a great person to share the outdoors with and will often adopt the role of 'expedition Mum'. Her giggle is unmistakeable and you'll be sure to laugh your way through Nepal with Fliss at the helm. 

Next Expeditions:

Mt Toubkal May 2024

Ady Sanders
Ady Sanders
Trek Manager

Ady's laid back nature, paired with his desire to provide the ultimate experience makes him an ideal leader for any trip. He has vast experience working on Mount Toubkal, so expect to see him on a trip to Morocco!

Next Expeditions:

Mt Toubkal May 2024

Kilimanjaro (12th) January  2025

Andy Mumby
Andy Mumby
Trek Manager

With the summits of Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi to Lobuche East under his belt, Andy has trekked and climbed to high altitude all over the globe. His humour and positive outlook on life is a must have on any expedition.

Next Expeditions:

Kilimanjaro (12th) January 2025

Want to get fit for your expedition?

Then look no further than LMG Personal Training, our own in company fitness training service. Company director, Matt Le Voi is a personal trainer with over a decade of experience in the mountains both in the UK and abroad. He has merged his mountain experience and passion for fitness to create a service that is focused on getting you fit for mountain sport and expeditions. If you want to ensure the highest levels of success on your upcoming trip, then an individualised workout plan may be exactly what you need. 

Click the logo to learn more! 


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