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Mount Toubkal Expedition


Max Altitude: 4,167m
Group Size: 8-14 
Walking Per Day: 5-7 Hours
Summit day is 12 Hours
Land Only Package
Accommodation: Hotels, Gite & Refuge
2024 - 29th May - 5th June Guaranteed To Run
Moderate / Hard Difficulty
5 Trekking Days - 8 Days Total
£200 non-refundable deposit to secure your place
Final balance paid 8 weeks before departure

Summer Expeditions - May to October

Abou Toubkal


Mount Toubkal sits within the Atlas mountains in Morocco, and at 4,167m tall it is the tallest mountain not only in the range, but in Northern Africa too. 

Despite the proximity of Morocco to the UK, which of course lends itself well to a short transit time, the cultural and landscape shift is unreal. As soon as you set foot within the Atlas mountains, you're sure to be snapping photos and looking about totally awestruck. 

This expedition is ideal for any keen hiker who wants to have their first foray into multi-day treks, or to experience trekking at altitude. 

If you search the internet, you will find shorter itineraries to climb Mount Toubkal, but our slightly longer 8 day trip has been designed to provide you with not only increased chances of summit success, but a greater and more meaningful experience of Morocco. 

Excluding the summit day, the trek days are not too long or tough, you'll be fed exceptionally well, and you even get plenty of time to experience the hustle and bustle of Marrakech at the end of the trip. We tend to run our  scheduled summer trips outside of the hottest months, but can run bespoke trips on any month to suit you. 

As well as our summer expeditions, which see warm (but not too hot) temperatures and dry hiking conditions, we run winter expeditions for those wanting to crank the difficulty up a notch.  

Itinerar Toubkal


On Day 1 we leave the UK and land in Marrakech. The travelling continues as we transfer straight to the town of Aroumd (2,000m) which takes about 90 minutes. (Half Board Day)

Day 2 is our first day on the trail and we spend this enjoying an acclimatisation walk from Aroumd. This will help us loads when it comes to ascending Toubkal itself. We will likely summit the nearby peak of Tiz N Nzik which stands at 2668m. (Half Board Day)

On Day 3 we embark on a 5-6 hour hike to the mountain refuge that sits at the bottom of Mount Toubkal itself. This refuge will be our home for three nights. (Full Board)

 Day 4 will be another acclimatisation day before going for the summit of Mount Toubkal. An acclimatisation day not only means you get to spend another day amongst the glorious atlas mountains, but it also enhances your chance of success in reaching the summit - not to mention reduces the likelihood of getting sick. We will likely head up to about 3,600m (possibly higher) to grab some views! (Full Board)

Day 5  is our day to attempt to reach the summit of Mount Toubkal and we start early to do so. We'll cross scree and boulder fields, and ascend some steep slopes. The views are incredible, and of course the summit is an amazing place to reach. We will descend from Toubkal and head back to Aroumd, making this a 10-12 hour day.

Day 6 will see us enjoy a short recovery trek from Aroumd to Imlil, and then transport back to Marrakech. With the hiking done, it's time to enjoy the city, as well as a celebratory meal together as a team. (B&B Basis)

Day 7 is a full day in Marrakech, on which you can take in the sights and sounds of this bustling place. Should you wish to fly home on this day you can do so. (B&B Basis)

Day 8 is a more cost effective day to fly home and after breakfast we'll head to the airport and will likely be back in the UK mid-afternoon. (B&B Basis)

As with all our trips, you are welcome to extend your trip beyond this should you wish. 

Inclusion Toubkl



  • Airport Transfer at the start of the trip

  • Accommodation throughout

  • A variety of B&B to Full board basis throughout

  • UK Trekking Staff, including a local Moroccan Guide

  • Experienced LMG Trek Manager

  • Team t-shirt

  • International Flights from your destination country 

  • Personal Trekking Insurance - To cover trekking to over 4,167m. This is mandatory to join us on a trip. 

  • Trips for the trekking team (Roughly £40)

  • Lunches and Dinners outside of the trekking phase, and some lunches during the trek

  • Souvenirs

  • Additional food and beverages

  • Personal trekking kit (Boots,rucksacks etc)

Mount Tobkal Winter Expedition
Anchor 1
Max Altitude: 4,167m
Walking Per Day: 5-7 Hours
Summit day is 12 Hours
Group Size: 8-14 
Land Only Package
Accommodation: Hotels, Gite & Refuge
2025 - February - 21st to 28th
Hard Difficulty
5 Trekking Days - 8 Days Total
£200 deposit to secure your place
Final balance paid 8 weeks before departure

Winter Expeditions - December to March


The winter expedition follows the same format as the summer expedition in terms of itinerary, inclusions and exclusions. It is a perfect trip for anyone who again is a keen hiker, and has a desire to pit themselves again the winter environment. Previous winter walking skills are not essential, but if you are already able to deploy and use winter walking equipment (Crampons / Ice Axe) efficiently you will be able to focus more on the amazing scenery than figuring this out. We tend to set aside the afternoon after the arrival at the refuge for teaching or brushing up on winter skills, plus there is the time on our second acclimatisation day to the South Col to get used to the kit before heading for the summit of Toubkal itself. Should you want to upskill yourself before departure check out our Lake District based winter skills courses run by Lakeland Mountain Guides. 

We do not provide the winter walking equipment, but it can be hired from us before departure, or in country. As you would expect, a winter trip also has other kit demands that wouldn't be present in the summer, such as a warm down jacket, goggles, warm gloves and winter mountaineering boots. 

Operating in the  winter environment will also be more physically demanding. This can be due to the weight of the additional kit, or the terrain you're walking on (Soft snow /  hard snow), so coming into this expedition with a good level of physical fitness is essential. 

We tend to run a winter expedition in December, and one in February. December is an interim month where there could be snow from the refuge to the top of Toubkal, none, or anywhere in between. It is however a nice quiet month to ascend. February has a higher chance of there being snow cover across most of the trekking phase. 

If you wish to chat about your suitability to the expedition, whether it be fitness, skills or the difficulty please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Give yourself the highest opportunity of success and enjoyment by getting as fit as you can for this trip. Use our own in-house Online Personal Training service to help get you to optimum fitness. 

faq toubkal

What about Altitude Sickness?

Having concerns about AMS is very natural and it is unfortunately unpredictable. This trip does involve a big day of ascent between Aroumd and the refuge, but due to our additional day at Aroumd we will head out on an acclimatisation walk which will better prepare your body for this jump in altitude. The summit day from the refeuge also includes 900m ascent. We plan in another acclimatisation day before the summit day to again prepare the body for this big jump in altitude. These two acclimatisation days not only increase your chances of success and, limit the chances of getting sick, but it also provides a longer, less 'smash and grab' style expedition.  We will of course walk slowly, take plenty of rest and drink lots as we ascend. 

How fit do I really need to be and what skills do I require?

The fitter you are the more you will enjoy it, and the more chance you'll have of getting to the top. Being able to complete 2-3 days of big hill walks in the UK is a good gauge that you're ready. You'll find some advice, as well as a free downloadable 12 week training plan on our Fitness Training page. Matt is also a qualified Personal Trainer so if you want some formal training just get in touch with us via LMG Personal Training

What Technical Kit do I require?

The summer expedition just requires normal hill walking kit and and a good 3 season sleeping bag. The winter trip requires winter equipment in the form of a walking axe, crampons and winter boots, plus a 4 season sleeping bag. The winter equipment can be hired in country or direct from us. 

What about the Food and Accommodation?

The food in Morrocco is excellent and wholesome. The accommodation in Marrakech will be of 3-4* standard. Expect to share a room with one other unless you book a single supplement. The accommodation on the trek is much more basic and shared, but this is the nature of such expeditions. 

Should you need to leave the expedition early, any additional accommodation costs will need to be covered by you (or depending on the circumstance, your insurance)

Do I require Travel Insurance?

Most certainly. Travelling, let alone adventure travel, can throw up all sorts of incidents or circumstances that need to be covered by insurance otherwise you could face a very hefty bill. As a minimum your insurance must cover the dates of the trip, the altitude you are trekking to. Our recommendation for travel insurance is Campbell Irvine

Do your trips have a minimum required number of participants to run?

Our scheduled trips do. Our Mount Toubkal trip requires 8 people to ensure it is guaranteed to run. We will let you know when it is guaranteed to run and from this point you can book flights. 

Do you organise bespoke trips?

Of course, just get in touch with your group size and we'll offer you a quote.

Why should I trek with LMG Treks & Expeditions?

For over a decade we've provided fun, educational and safe adventures in the UK through Lakeland Mountain Guides. We've taken our experience and academic education and created a company that has the sole aim of providing amazing, personal adventures abroad. Yes, we're just a small company, but this has two big benefits for you. Firstly, we really appreciate each and every booking we get, and you are not one in a few thousand. Secondly. we're able to, and want to, put the time into helping you get mentally and physically prepared for your adventure. 

We pride ourselves on being compliant to UK Package travel regulation laws, diligent with safety, and environmentally sensitive. What's more is we create our trips with the customer experience, safety and chances of success at the very fore of our minds. We will often add in extra days for acclimatisation or contingency to achieve these three major factors, even if it makes our trips a bit more expensive. 

How do we justify the price of our trips?

There's no doubt about it, if you went online you'd likely find a cheaper alternative, but you can't be certain you're buying a like for like product. We get it, these trips aren't cheap, but there are numerous reasons why the price amounts to what it does. Please click here to read deeper into the reasons why

Are you environmentally responsible?

As a company, although small, we will operate responsibly, giving back where we can. One of our best partnerships is that with Trees4Travel. We will plant 2 trees on the behalf of every booking we get, and we will plant enough trees to offset the travel of our trek manager too. Click here to see our Responsible Tourism Policy

We discourage the use of single use plastics on expedition where possible, and are continually thinking of ways to become even kinder to the planet we operate in. 


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