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We love to travel, and we love to share the countries we've grown so fond of with our clients, however we need to ensure we are doing this in as much of a responsible way as we possibly can. 

  • We aim to educate our clients to to the best of our ability on how to travel in a responsible manner

  • We will build long term relationships with local suppliers, working with them to minimise our impact on the host country

  • We will always operate in an environmentally sensitive way. From a zero-litter approach and  limited use of single-use plastic, through to repairing equipment before replacing it where possible. Such sensitivity will go as far as recommending products to our clients that are safer for the environment (shampoos etc)

  • To make a positive impact on the host countries we visit. This could be achieved through supporting local projects / charities. 

  • We will operate in a paperless manner as much as is possible in order to reduce printing of documents. 

  • We will continually review our practices in responsible tourism. 

  • We will take measures to offset at least some of our Carbon Footprint created by running the expeditions. We will do this through 'Trees4Travel'. For every person that  joins us on any expedition we will plant a tree into our designated forest. Furthermore, we will offset each of our Trek Manager's travel by planting the required number of trees to do so (as worked out by the Trees4Travel emissions calculator. Every client will be able to plant further trees into our forest via this link should they wish to do so. 

Trees 4 Travel
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