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'It's not an adventure if the outcome is certain'

As much as we'd love to hope all our expeditions will occur without a hitch, there are many elements out of our control that can create an unwanted scenario of any scale and magnitude. These elements range in likelihood and frequency, and vary wildly from location to location, and it is our job as your expedition provider to mitigate against what we can, and place procedures and systems into our operations to help resolve the situation as ably as we can. Below you will find some of our key processes that are woven into our operations all with the aim of keeping you as safe as possible within the realms of adventure as we can at all times.

Risk Assessments 

Before emabarking on an expedition we complete our written risk assessments and mitigate any unacceptable risk where possible. With this being adventure travel, we cannot, and will not sanitise the experience. Whilst on expedition our experienced leaders use dynamic risk assessments to maintain the safety of the expedition. An example of this would be altering the itinerary based on impending weather. 


Fortified Communications

Phone signal and WIFI are available throughout most of our treks, however we have fortified our expeditions with satellite communication. We are able to send and receive live location messages as well as an SOS if required. 

Digital World Map

Global Incident Tracking

Whilst we have a group out on expedition we will monitor a variety of websites that will notify us of any major incidents occurring at the expedition location. The sooner we learn of this information, the sooner we can take any required action to keep the expedition safe. Sites we monitor and / or subscribe to include Global Disaster Alert Coordination System, IncidentMap and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Image by Mikael Seegen

Emergency Procedures

Even though each and every emergency scenario will be unique, we are able to plan for an emergency to a degree. By having procedures in place it allows us to make considered decisions quickly. Every expedition leader is familiar and equipped with these procedures whilst on expedition. 

Snowy Mountain Peaks

Taking Altitude Seriously

All too often you see what we would regard as scary itineraries when it comes to taking huge leaps in altitude, and quite often this is to make a trip more sellable as it's shorter (and in turn cheaper). All of our expeditions have appropriate steps in height and adequate, if not additional, acclimatisation days. These will limit your chance of getting ill, and will only increae your chances of reaching the end goal. We also own our own 'Portable Altitude Chamber' which is carried on all our expeditions that head to over 4,500m. 

Medical form with stethoscope

Medical Screening

When we receive your medical form submission, our own team Doctor will give it a once over to ensure that your known medical conditions are suitable for the demands of the expedition you're signing up to. Furthermore, if advice can be given to you in order to help make things more optimal for you then we'll do that too.

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