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Mount Toubkal - Summer or Winter?

Mount Toubkal is a fantastic expedition, one that we've highlighted the main selling points of in our 'Why you should climb Mount Toubkal' blog, but now you may be sitting there wondering whether you should take it on in Summer or Winter. In this blog we'll briefly lay down some of the main differences of each expedition.

Early summer in the Atlas Mountains


We personally run our Summer trips in May and September, however the mountain can be climbed throughout the entire summer.

  • Warm temperatures and stable weather - An average of 26 degrees. Ideal if you like the heat!

  • There's no technical element to the expedition. Great if you just want to enjoy hiking and pitting yourself against the altitude element.

  • A much easier trip to pack for kit wise.

  • Increased likelihood of reaching the summit due to lack of seasonal obstacles

  • The mountain villages are likely livelier places


Our Winter trips run in December and February. These two months are slightly different in terms of what to expect on the mountain, with February likely having increased amounts of snow and cooler temperatures on the mountain.

  • Undertake a tougher expedition thanks to the underfoot and environmental conditions.

  • Utilise winter walking skills (such as wearing crampons) to reach the summit. We always allow time to teach / refresh the skills required on our trips.

  • Take advantage of cheaper out of season flight prices

  • Increased likelihood of watching the sun rise from the summit thanks to a later longer nights.

On either expedition, you will experience:

  • Amazing hospitality from our Moroccan trekking team

  • Brilliant views

  • Loads of fresh, Moroccan cuisine - including freshly squeezed orange juice.

  • An amazing trekking experience - and with LMG Treks & Expeditions we like to think you'll have an enhanced experience and thanks to our itinerary an increased chance of reaching the summit.

Hopefully this short blog may help you decide if you're unsure what season to aim for. Each version of the trip clearly has it's own charm and difference, and really if you were to undertake the expedition in Summer and Winter they'd probably feel like totally different experiences anyway - so why not do both!

The Atlas mountains in their winter coat at sunrise

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