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How do we justify our expedition prices?

There's no doubt about it, if you went online you'd likely find a cheaper alternative, but you can't be certain you're buying a like for like product. We get it, these trips aren't cheap, but there are numerous reasons why the price amounts to what it does.

Additional time being taken to learn winter skills ahead of ascending Mt Toubkal, led by Trek Manager Matt Le Voi.

- Quality: Where possible we will go for higher quality options to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for you. Whether this be the airport transfers, hotels outside of the trekking phase, or the accommodation / catering throughout. We could easily shave a couple of hundred pounds off most of our trips, but trust us in saying the extra spend is worthwhile! 

-Experience: The company may have only been formed in 2018, but the experience behind the company is much older. What's more, is our in country ground handlers are hand-picked based on their experience and reputation in the industry. Much like any industry, the travel industry is also flooded by inexperienced people, selling cheap trips to turn a quick profit. When it comes to providing a trip of a lifetime, we want to make sure we work with the best, and often this costs. 

Inclusions: All trips will have different inclusions. Where possible we will factor in all the food costs of a trekking phase into the trip price. The main benefit of this is so you don't have to worry about budgeting for this (which can be tricky) and you also don't have to trek with tonnes of cash. 

- Fair Wages: We work with experienced ground handlers, and adhere to in-country guidance to ensure everyone involved in the expedition is paid fairly. This also includes your UK trek manager. It's not uncommon for some operators to pay the Trek Manager poorly, but we know to get the 24/7 quality and leadership required for an expedition this experienced leader needs to be paid appropriately. Click here to read about what a UK Trek Manager provides to your trip.

- Appropriate Itineraries: It's not uncommon for our trips that head to altitude to be a bit longer. Where possible we do our best to adhere to acclimatisation recommendations (i.e Not ascending too much in a given period) to not only allow you the greatest chance of success on the trip, but to make the trip safer too. Of course, this results in a higher trip cost.

Our amazing sirdar in Nepal providing additional knowledge to enhance trekker experience.

- Rising Costs: Everything is getting more expensive, and this includes all the elements that go into building an expedition. As a small company with a limited offering of trips, we tend to schedule up to two years in advance. We have to predict where the costs will likely be by that time, which can often make our trips look a bit more expensive compared to those departing sooner. 

- Package Travel Compliant: As a UK based Tour Operator it is a legal requirement for us to provide consumer protection to our customers. The additional costs of compliance are not insignificant, and it all has to be taken into account when pricing our trips. You can however book with us in the knowledge that your money is safe, and you're dealing with a company that adheres to UK law. 

- The Full Service Package:  Each year we may be lucky enough in providing international adventures to around 100 people. We like to get to know every person that books, and will provide as much support as possible. So whether you've got a kit question, or want some professional advice on how to get fit, your question will be answered promptly and likely by your trek manager. What's more, with most of our trips we organise meet up walks to help get you prepared for your trip of a lifetime. 

Not just another Riad on our trek to Mt Toubkal

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